Silk Twill Fabric

Silk Twill Fabric

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Silk chiffon fabric: 144 colors available per type, 4 different silk twill fabrics in stock, ready to ship in 24 ~ 48 hours. Offer FREE silk color card & silk fabric swatches.

Price per yd Width Weight Description of Silk Fabric Fabric Content
$19.45 45" 16mm Silk Twill 100% Silk
$23.95 55" 17mm Silk Twill 100% Silk
$25.95 55" 19mm Silk Deep Twill 100% Silk
$20.45 55" 12mm Silk Twill Georgette 100% Silk

Silk fabric has twill pattern on it, we used to call it silk twill. Twill is a type of textile weaves with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, in contrast with a satin and plain weave. This is done by passing the weft thread over one or more warp threads and then under two or more warp threads and so on, with a "step" or offset between rows to create the characteristic diagonal pattern. Because of this structure, twills generally drape well.

Silk twill fabric usually comes with 14mm, 16mm, 19mm and 27mm, mid-weight range fabric. A twill weave is the second most basic weave that can be made on a fairly simple loom.

Silk twill fabrics technically have a front and a back side, unlike plain weave, whose two sides are the same. The front side of the twill is the technical face; the back is called the technical back. The technical face side of a twill weave fabric is the side with the most pronounced wale; it is usually more durable, more attractive, most often used as the fashion side of the fabric and the side visible during weaving.